NDC deserves a second term - Asiedu Nketsia

Ghana - RadioXYZonline.com

The ruling NDC’s General Secretary has told party supporters in the Upper East region the recent re-election of President Obama in the US is enough indication that Ghanaians must also re-elect President Mahama and the NDC.
The Democrats and the NDC fall on the left-of-centre of political ideology while the Republicans and Ghana’s main opposition NPP fall on the right-of-centre.
President Clinton visited Ghana when the NDC and former President Rawlings were in power in the late 90s. President Bush visited Ghana during the tenure of former President Kufuor and the NPP.
After President Obama’s victory, Ghana was the first African country he visited during the Presidency of late Prof Mills and then Vice President Mahama who is now President.
NDC General Secretary Johnson Asiedu Nketia believes Ghana’s electorate must on December 7 mirror the rejection of the Republicans in the US elections.