"I promise, I will not let you down” - Prez Mahama

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President John Dramani Mahama says all Ghanaians should rally behind him to achieve the best for the country as he begins his first term of office as president of Ghana.
Speaking after he was sworn into office as 4th Head of State of the 4th Republic of Ghana, President Mahama said “what is past is prologue, a mere introduction of what is yet to come.”
President Mahama said Ghana’s past is “defined by heroic men and women, pioneers, visionaries and patriots.”
He said Ghana is fortunate to have been a beneficiary of a “mighty history”, one that he intends to build on to grow the nation even further in the eyes of the international community.
President Mahama however said “even though Ghana has made some strides, there is a tremendous amount of work that still needs to be done.”
“I will do my best, I give off my best and I will ensure that my actions make a positive difference in the life of Ghanaians.”
He said his government intends to look beyond temporary fixes for important infrastructure for the citizenery, adding “the promises that I have made are promises that I intend to keep”
‘I will count on you and I promise I will not let you down… I believe that in Ghana and with God all things are possible,” he said.
He called on the cynics to put their backs into the nation building agenda and stop grumbling over everything that happens.
“Ghana is on the cusp of enormous transformation… New resources are at our disposal... It is only in doing and doing our best that we can make Ghana [great].”
“I will work to ensure that our society is less polarized… I will work to ensure that Ghana is a place where all our citizens will have all the opportunities available to them to reach their potential.”
He promised to be an ally of the engine of job creation – the private sector – in engineering growth for the country.
“This our country, this is our moment, this is Ghana’s time,” President Mahama said.