Argentina threatens to blackmail Ghana over seized ship

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A group calling itself concerned citizens of Argentina are threatening to “unleash hell” on Ghana if that country’s seized ship ‘Libertad’ is not released in three days.
The Libertad, a training ship on a tour of Africa, was stopped and detained at the request of NML Capital on October 2, which is suing Argentina for defaulting on its loans.
The ship was stopped from leaving the shores of Ghana after a local court refused to free the Argentine warship.
The court in October this year ruled in favour of the US hedge fund that says it is still owed money by the Argentine government.
The Libertad – is a three-masted tall ship.
The fund, NML Capital, argued it was owed $370m (£231m) as a result of Argentina's debt default a decade ago.
It is seeking $20m (£12.5m) in return for the release of the ship, a three-masted training vessel.
NML Capital is a subsidiary of US hedge fund Elliot Capital Management, one of Argentina's former creditors.
In 2001 and 2002, Argentina defaulted on more than $100bn (£62bn) of debt.
Most of these loans were subsequently restructured, giving creditors about 30% of their money back.
However, some creditors including Elliot chose to hold out, pursuing the Argentine government through the courts.
In a statement on a hacked website Ministry of Justice website, the group said if Ghana fails to release the ship in three days they will attack all government websites, all banks, stock exchange, all gold and oil companies, energy and water companies, and publish on Internet all personal banking records, the ones in Ghana and the ones abroad.
Below is the full statement
Dear People of Ghana,

Your Government have illegaly seized our Libertad frigate, a School ship belonging to the Argentine Navy. Your Government is violating the Vienna Convention by failing to ensure the immunity of a Navy ship as the frigate Libertad.

This School ship have a very special meaning for our people. Help us to get back our Libertad frigate! We ask you as brothers.
Government of Ghana,

We are a citizens of Argentina, citizens with a very particular set of skills; skills that make us a nightmare for you.

This is a warning. If you refuse to release our Libertad Frigate in three days, we will unleash HELL on you. We will attack all your government websites, all your banks, your stock exchange, all your gold and oil companies, your energy and water companies, we will publish on Internet all your personal banking records, the ones in your country and the ones abroad, and more!

Your country will spend millions in loses, is not necessary, you just have to enforce international law. Three days...