Wenchi meat sellers to go on strike over poor conditions

Ghana - RadioXYZonline.com - Michael Sarpong Mfum

Meat sellers at Wenchi in the Brong Ahafo region have  threatened to stop selling meat to the public if the authorities do not intervene immediately to get their meat shops renovated.
According to them, the inability of the city authorities to refurbish the two meat shops in the town has forced them to sell unwholesome meat to their customers.
Even though the meat shop is one important section of the Wenchi market, its infrastructure has been neglected over the years. The meat sellers have been operating in the open space for the past seven years, since the Wenchi Municipal Assembly failed to reconstruct the shops as they had promised.
The condition in the market is unwholesome for the sale of meat. The place is unkempt amidst many houseflies feasting everywhere when XYZ News visited the place.
The chairman of the Wenchi Meat Sellers Association, Mamudu Amadu, said they cannot continue to sell unwholesome meat to their customers and are therefore planning to stop selling meat to the public.
“For seven years, the authorities have not been able to renovate the two meat shops for us to work there. We sell our meat in the open so during the rainy season, it becomes very difficult for us, we always have to cover our meat with polythene bags during the rainy.”
He says all attempts to get city authorities to fix their problem have proved unsuccessful.  A building, which was donated by the then Pioneer Tobacco Limited in 1992 to the Wenchi Traditional Council to be used as a meat shop has been locked up with the aim of renovating it.
This renovation plan, which according to the meat sellers started seven years ago, has not  seen a single work on the structure.