POTAG Calls off strike

Ghana | RadioXYZonline.com

Radio XYZ has learnt that the Polytechnic Teachers Association of Ghana has called off its strike. That’s according to the Concerned Polytechnic Teachers Association of Ghana, which earlier kicked against the decision to call off the strike.
Academic activities have been disrupted on the polytechnic campuses since the polytechnic teachers laid down their tools three weeks ago. They were protesting delays in the payment of their revised single spine salaries.
But the Concerned Polytechnic Teachers say their leaders have called off the strike at an emergency meeting in Accra on Friday.
General Secretary of COPTAG, Michael Appiah, is accusing the POTAG executives of breach of trust.
“Yesterday we were sensing something that the national President was going to lead to call off the strike. So we are highly disappointed. Because we earlier agreed that until the monies hit our accounts we are not going back. So what is now pushing them? They are under some kind of influence”. Mr. Appiah said.


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