Supreme Court likely to begin sitting on NPP's petition on Thursday

Ghana |

Information gathered by XYZ News indicates that the Supreme Court may begin sitting on NPP’s petition over the presidential election results on Thursday, January 10.
Legal teams of the NDC and the President have been meeting to prepare ahead of the hearing.
The NPP in its suit alleged that over 1.3 million votes were illegally counted for President Mahama, a claim the NDC legal team has rejected.
A member of the NDC legal team, Victor Adawudu in an interview with XYZ News said they are certain the court will throw out the case.
“If you look at the petition, it doesn’t talk about fraud, they have heightened the populace to be kept in suspense that there is a lot that they have but nothing is shown in the petition.
“All they talk about in the petition is over voting and presiding officers not signing the blue or pink sheets and people not going through verification process”.