“Our defeat was from within NDC” – Party Chairman

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The Constituency Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) branch in the Awutu Senya East, AlhajiHabibDramanihas attributed the defeat of their parliamentary candidate, Dr. Adams Nuhu to some elements in the party who did not wish well for him.
He noted that, all secret meetings that was held to develop and accomplish motives that Dr. Adams lost the seat has come to his notice and will therefore takestringent measures to expose all those involved and possibly alienate them from the party’s upstream activities.
Although he did not mention any names, but it could be deduced from his words that some notable members of the party known from the National Office,Constituency executives, Ward and Branch Chairmen from the polling stations where the NDC lost greatly in the just ended elections in the Awutu Senya East.
He accused that, these people as part of their diabolic agenda were releasing vital campaign strategies to their opponents and were also campaigning for ‘skirt and blouse’ vote. AlhajiHabib was speaking at a victory party at Kasoa organized by the party for its members.
He also mentioned that, currently the same group of people are holding secret meetings and openly coming out to attest to their achievement of making the candidate loss whiles also appointing among the accomplice as Constituency Executives to be.
“Those who are holding themselves as constituency executive must desist from it and respect the party’s structures” Alhaji Habib stressed.
However, Dr. Adams Nuhu in his submission thanked all members of the party who participated in one way or the other in the elections, but was quick to add that, “we lost the elections in Kasoa but not our lives, once there is life, there is hope for tomorrow.” 
He called on the party faithfuls not to be despaired for he is not. “I am an achiever and achievers are not known desert their own. Therefore I will respond to the call of duty anytime, any day.” He consoled distressed members.
He further stated, “Permit me at this juncture to also say that it is only a hot water that determines the color of a teabag. To the NDC members in Awutu Senya East, the day of reckoning will soon come and we will all appreciate why we lost rather sadly.”
Dr. Adams again congratulated the MP elect, Mavis HawaKoomson pledge his unflinching support for her.  He welcomed her to the real world of politics where truth stands tall against fictions and false allegations.