NAKED DEMO: Ghanata female students go on rampage

Ghana -

Female students of the Ghanata Senior High School in Dodowa, last Friday, shocked the school authorities when they decided to strip naked to protest the seizure of their clothing and other items by the house masters and mistresses of the school during a random inspection.
The students, numbering over 200, were angry that the teachers confiscated what the school considers to be unprescribed attires. According to an eyewitness, some of the female students spotted boxer shorts and very transparent nighties to express their displeasure at the incident.
A source in the school who spoke to on condition of anonymity indicated that discipline in the school has reached its lowest point as a result of the lackadaisical approach of the headmaster, Mr. Benjamin Apperkon, in handling recalcitrant students.
According to the source, the school conducts such random searches from time to time to confiscate the unprescribed items, including mobile phones, with the intent of maintaining decorum and discipline among the students.
The irate students however broke down the gates to the girls’ dormitory, claiming they had nothing to wear. They went on to seize some items from the senior housemaster.
The source said, in the past, the students who flouted school regulations are let of the hook by the headmaster who prefers to focus on the teaching staff than the seeming rot in the school.
When contacted the headmaster for his side of the story, he neither confirmed nor denied it, saying “no comment” and banging the phone.
A student who also witnessed the reprehensible incident narrated that his colleagues needed to be punished for acting in that manner.
Listen to a Ghanata student who witnessed the incident in the attached audio.


Sometimes all these ill actions happen due to outmoded and irrelevant rules and regulations in our institutions. Will seizing of the clothings really tantamount to the goal expected of? Not that i'm defending the nuisance but the truth is that, some levels of discipline connote the ill mentality of some leaders.

prynz. did you attend secondary school at all. if u didn't let me educate u. there are prescribed uniformes and unprescribed uniforms. as a disciplined student u are supposed to be in prescribed uniforms at all times. why shd an shs student carry mobile phones. the fact that your unprescribed items have been seized does not mean u don't have anything to wear so go on a naked demo. this cannot happen in my school (ghana national college). all those indiscipline girls would have been sacked.

The name of ghanata is diminishing, so what is the school authorities doing about this,before the school gets indiscipline

why are there no authorities in the or do they think the siezure of the student clothings will stop them.

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