Fidelity Bank is 7th biggest Bank in Ghana

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Fidelity Bank Ghana recorded the biggest jump in the banking league to record a seventh place in the 2011 Banking Industry Performance Analysis.
It share of the banking assets hit 4.87 percent at the end of last year.
At the same time, CAL Bank improved its rankings from the 14th position to become Ghana’s tenth biggest bank with 3.71 percent of the total assets.  
After its acquisition of The Trust Bank, Ecobank Ghana became the second biggest bank in Ghana in terms of assets controlling about 8.68 percent of industry’s total assets.
Ghana Commercial Bank still maintained its lead as Ghana’s biggest bank with 11.60 percent of assets while Stanchart, Barclays and Agriculture Development Bank placed third, fourth and fifth respectively. 
Merchant Bank however dropped from the seventh position to the 11th position.
Stanbic, National Investment Bank and SG SSB were however sixth, eighth and ninth respectively. New bank, Energy Bank placed 23 on the banking league with 0.95 percent of total assets.  
Meanwhile, as many as nine banks posted profits of more than one hundred percent last year.
They include five local banks-CAL, Fidelity, National Investment Bank, Prudential and uniBank.
According to the Banking Industry Performance Analysis on balance sheet growth and trends, four banks-Merchant, Ghana Commercial bank, First Atlantic Merchant and Bank of Africa Ghana however recorded losses in 2011. 


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